My Services

I am connecting people with their hearts, essence and mission.

I´m working as a "Healer of Hearts" and I am one of the gamechangers here on planet Earth in these important times. I am assisting people on their path in many ways, as an author, spiritual adviser and as an energy healer. I have developed my own kind of Quantum Healing Modality, the Rose Touch, that is one of the new healing modalities that are now available, working with energies in a highly effective way, for fast progress and smooth solutions. The main focus of my work is to assist people regaining their own connection with source via their hearts. Why? Healed hearts will create a healed planet and that´s what I came for!

If you feel stuck and that you need a greater perspective for your current situation, a one-on-one session might be your best choice.

Recorded healing webinars, reasonable and effective:

As I am working in the quantum field, I am somehow placing there "Energy-Packages", which you can pick up any time for your personal download. That offers you immense personal freedom to go by your own timing and revisit the offer as often as you wish or need. I recommend this, as you are able to get to know my work and we have a great foundation, in case you wish to have a one-on-one later.


I am convinced that everyone should have access to health and knowledge. Therefore you will always find articles or recordings, that I publish for free. From time to time you will see free webinars or recordings of Webinars or Healing Sessions. InJoy <3

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