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Webinars are a great opportunity to benefit from my work any time and place you choose, plus they are highly effective at a low price. Here is a little compilation for you. Wishing you lots of fun, success and fullfillment.

All about Abundance

In the New Energies Abundance is expressed quite different than in the past. It is a natural flow in all areas of life, abundance is connecting and nourishing all beings with ease, grace and joy. We will work with you on an energetic level to connect and open up for these beautiful energies.

All you have to do is to join, open up and relax <3

High Vibe Astrology

This is one of the most uncommon webinars I have given so far. Together with my Co-Host Therese Wenk we wanted to offer the possibility for our clients to experience the higher expression of the planets in our solar system. Suddenly we received the information that there will also be a "Soul Star Activation". We always act on the most benevolant outcome, brought these energies in and really at least one participant brought their Soul Star into the physical. Absolutely awesome.

No astrological knowledge is necessary. We are working on an energetic level, while you just have to join, relax and allow yourself to get in tune with the high vibes presented to you <3


Free to be me

This webinar goes out to all who want to reconnect with their true being and dare to let go of all the old luggage and bonds, that are holding them back. It´s time now to conect with the beauty of your true being, if you choose to ♥

There are a lot of other webinars, that I´ve recorded for you. Simply check out my Heart´n Soul Academy. You can book the webinars whenever you want, as the energies are stored as little packages in the quantum space and you can pick them any time you choose and watch them as often as you want. Happy to hear from you afterwards or even see you live, in one of the upcoming events.

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