About me

About me

How does one become a Healer of Hearts?

Making lots of painful experiences over a long time and being driven by a deep Love for all that is true, beautiful and benevolant.

My Story, just about this one lifetime, could fill books in itself, so I will only share what might be relevant for you:

I had to face most forms of darkness and pain a human experience can offer. And there´s always been a deep longing inside of me to gain understanding, to bee able to assist the change that is needed and happening right now.

I came into this world with what is called "extrasensual abilities" and have been hiding them for a long time, as people reacted with fear and because I had to pay the bloodprice in too many other incarnations for my deep love for my fellow humans.

For many years I tried to live a "normal" life as a mother, wife and employee. I´ve always worked in professions that had to do with money in some way. I´ve worked in a big company, for tax consultants, in public service and as a business owner offering accounting and office services. Although it´s not been my "calling" these jobs made sense anyway in hindsight, as I had to train my ability to see what is relevant and to achieve strenght and clarity. I learned a lot about the Matrix and how Systems are structured.

All of my free-time I spent studying the metaphysics and "learned" (or more precisely: remembered and expanded my already existing knowledge) about Astrology, Numerology, Family Constellations, Quantum Healing or Matrix Work. And lots and lots of other "Esoterics". My calling as a "Healer of Hearts" I´ve been ignoring and resisting for quite a while until unbelievable coincidences and circumstances made it impossible to deny my path any longer. Looking back all of my experiences have been a preparation for my calling.

Since I am living my calling, magic and wonder are my "new normal". It is absolutely fullfilling to witness people leaving behind their pain and blockages and starting to thrive and bloom in their own lifes. Love is the ultimate masterhealer.

Love is the question, option & answer

The ultimate healing for the Soul is unconditional Love and Acceptance. With this state of awareness I freed and healed myself and it is now the foundation of my successful work. I´m connected 24/7 with what is called "Source" or "the Field" and therefore able to make contact with the higher aspects of my clients. That´s how I get the information how I can assist them and what tools to use for the best outcome.

A very effective tool is my own quantum healing modality, the "Rose Touch", that is one of the new methods, coming in now. It seems to have a bit of a similarity with healing by hands and quantum healing, but those that are clear-voyant can see it is working a bit different in my case. I sense on an energetic level those frequencies that are not in balance and offer them to the client. It´s like singing a tone for someone to make him repeat it, just it is not a melody but a frequency.  There is no need for me to touch someone physically, as I am working in the quantum field, where time and space are irrelevant.

I am working very often in webinars and with groups of people, as this is highly effective and efficent. Very often the participants are not live with me, but listen to the recording, whenever and as often as they want. It´s like music, you can record and listen to it any time you prefer, just in my case it is not a sound, but energetics.

Balance is key

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