Move forward and flow

with the waves

Leave behind what stops you and thrive.

Experience your personal ease and balance.

My Services

This is about you. About the special path of your own souls journey. I´d love to assist you making your next step.

The state of consciousness creating the problem isn´t able to have access to the solution. If you want to let go of the problem, you might need another perspective to gain clarity, what is needed now to move on.

I am offering you time and space to see what´s behind the obvious. I am using loving and compassionate awareness, deep insight and clarity. With this offer you are than able to chose if you want to move on. My biggest strenght is my clarity and my unconditional love and acceptance.

This attitude opens new perspectives and ways for you. Become the creator of your being.

Listen to your heart. It knows. If you feel touched by my words, do not hesitate to contact me, so we will take a closer look what it might be that you need.







About me

Watching the waves of life, trusting they will carry us and to move on to new shores - that´s what we came for!

My name is Natalie Anja Esser  and it´s my Souls Mission to be a  "Healer of Hearts". I am assisting people to let go of those things that weigh them down and to move on on their path with more ease and clarity.

I am working mostly on an energetic level, as it is my gift to tune into your energy field and assist you to reconnect with your original blueprint.

I am one of the pioneers of the New Earth and have been prepared for this lifetime while many incarnations.I chose to come in while ths special moment in time, to assist other Souls on their journey.

I am connected 24/7 with the ocean of creation. And at the same time I have made so many experiences while my many lifetimes, that I am able to offer you very compassionate and profound assistance.

I´d love to work with you!

If you would love to connect with your true Self, you came to the right place.

You came to bloom and thrive.

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